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TRB 2000 is a company of transport of general merchandise and specialized transport, in all the sectors of activity: AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, CONSTRUCTION, MATERIALS, WOOD, STEEL, AEROSPACE, etc.


Lenght : 48 or 53 feet

2, 3 et 4 axles

Dessin_plate-forme_Plan de travail 1.png
Dessin_B-train_Plan de travail 1.png


Lenghts : 26'- 32'

Lenghts : 28'- 28'

88000 à 95000 pounds

Dessin_Surbaissee_Plan de travail 1.png

Stepdeck (Dropdeck)

2 or 3 axles

2, 3 et 4 axles

Dessin_Fardier_Plan de travail 1.png
Dessin_Rideaux_retractables_Plan de trav

2, 3 et 4 axles

2, 3 et 4 axles

Dessin_Rideaux_Plan de travail 1.png
Plan de travail 22-8.png
Roll-titePlan de travail 22-8.png
Dropdeck_Plan de travail 22-8.png
Btrain_Plan de travail 22-8.png
Double_Drop_Plan de travail 22-8.png
Curtain_Plan de travail 22-8.png
Dessin_Pickup_Plan de travail 1.png

Pick-up truck with 24’ to 40’ flatbed trailer. 

Lenghts available : 24’ – 30’ – 35’ ou/or 40’. 

Capacity maximum 20 000 pounds

Regions served : Québec / Ontario / Maritimes 

 Ideal for loads with urgent deadlines & for small, difficult, restricted areas

Pickup_Plan de travail 22-8.png
bande_oversize_Plan de travail 1-50.jpg
Dessin_oversize_Plan de travail 1.png

Founded in 1998, TRB 2000 is a company that specializes in transports of all kinds throughout Canada and the United States.


Response in a timely matter, competitive rates, wide range of equipments for any kind of transport you may need.


Like our employees, TRB 2000 customers are part of the family.


Comprehension of your needs, team work, experience and their human approach makes them the skilled partners you’ve been waiting for.


They take care or your transports so you can focus on your strenghts. Their expertise is at the service of your competitiveness.




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Contact us

Our team will be glad to send you our best rate as fast as possible by email. Just fill the form contact us by phone or email.

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4465 boul. Laurier Est,

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, J2R 2B3

Téléphone : 450 799.8000

Head office

4425, Boulevard Laurier Est,

Saint-Hyacinthe QC J2R 2B3


Phone : 450 250.0277
Free : 1.866.985.0255
Fax : 450 250.0299 

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